Alla Tiunova

Young Expert, Technology Transfer Section, IP for Innovators Department (IPID), IP and Innovation Ecosystems Sector, WIPO, Geneva (Switzerland)

Ms. Tiunova is a part of the first cohort of WIPO’s Young Experts – the program aimed to train the next generation of global IP leaders to help build innovation ecosystems around the world. She specializes in copyright and related rights, trademarks, technology transfer and IP commercialization.
Ms. Tiunova has held a position of a senior lawyer in the Skolkovo Innovation Center (Moscow) and has been working closely with IT startups and software licensing including Open Source software. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Law and a Master Degree in Intellectual Property and IT Law. She also has publications on different IP related issues, such as infringement of exclusive rights on the Internet and existing approaches on the applicable law, free use of copyrighted works in the context of TDM technologies etc.