Olga Spasic

Head of Technology Transfer Section, IP for Innovators Department (IPID), IP and Innovation Ecosystems Sector, WIPO, Geneva (Switzerland)

Ms. Spasic provides assistance and support to WIPO Member States and their innovation stakeholders in establishing institutional innovation ecosystems of interconnected public and private structural elements (policies, organizations, funds, people) and relationships in academic institutions and in assessing and improving their respective knowledge transfer systems. 
She is creating and leading WIPO long term impact projects and capacity building programs for academic institutions on enabling knowledge transfer policies, structures, human capital and capacity of stakeholders to face market challenges – IP Marketing and Commercialization, IP Valuation, IP Licensing, Incentives for Researchers. Creator and leader of Projects such as Assessment of National Technology Transfer Systems with Recommendations for Improvements, Pilot Project on Establishment of TTOs in the Arab Region, Creation of TTO Network of Baltic States, Development of Institutional IP Policies in Universities and Research Institutions in number of WIPO Member States.