Paul Fairburn

Director, Innovation Ecosystem, Enterprise & Innovation Organisation, Coventry University

Paul is an experienced Director of Innovation, with a background in the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare, utilities, and higher education. With significant experience of leadership, organisational change and strategy implementation, Paul has a deep understanding of supplier/client management, building value propositions, collaborative partnerships, innovation management, and the development of large-scale projects. Paul is also a CMI (Chartered Management Institute) approved coach and mentor, and board member of EBN – a network of European business and innovation centres that support the development and growth of entrepreneurs, start-ups, and SMEs.

The Enterprise & Innovation Organisation (EIO) at Coventry University are responsible for establishing strong links between the University’s academic expertise, and a wide breadth of public and private sector organisations across global markets. Active in a range of sectors (including manufacturing, mobility, healthcare, and the creative economy), individual members of the EIO are typically involved in the writing of bids, tenders, and business plans, IP commercialisation, SME support, account management, and marketing/PR